C++ Developer
Remote - EU

We are seeking highly intelligent and creative developers with a strong theoretical background to join our clients dynamic team. Their team of developers range from seasoned professionals to more junior ones.


  • Independently lead the implementation of new features, taking ownership of the entire process.

  • Approach problem-solving from the user's perspective and engage in discussions on abstract concepts with fellow developers.

  • Undertake architecture, design, implementation, customer feedback, and bug fixing activities, demonstrating autonomy and control over your work.


  • The ideal candidate will possess a University Degree graduates in Computer Science, Physics, and Mathematics

  • At least 2 years of experience working with C++, coupled with a fresh and innovative problem-solving approach.

Company Culture:

  • No strict deadlines or scheduled meetings; features are ready for release when you are confident in the implementation of the best possible solution.

  • Meetings occur as needed, involving only relevant team members.

  • Emphasis on individual control over work, with everyone involved in all aspects of development.

  • Openness to ideas, suggestions, and criticism at any level in the hierarchy, fostering a collaborative environment.

  • Encouragement to publish scientific articles, especially in the areas of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Graphics.

  • Sponsorship for conference visits

If you are a self-driven developer with a passion for innovative problem-solving and a desire to contribute to a collaborative and autonomous work environment, we encourage you to apply.